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Preparing for UWA!

It’s almost time! We want to make your travels to UWA as easy and convenient as possible.There are a few things to consider before you arrive; please see below:
If you need any immediate medical assistance (Medical, Dental, or Vision), it may be of more convenient to visit your local doctors before leaving home. 

In addition, if you have any traditional medicines, you may want to bring them with you as it is not guaranteed you will be able to find them in the Livingston area. 

Prescriptions for controlled drugs cannot be refilled in the US without seeing an American doctor. So, please plan accordingly. 
Please carry the following items with you, on person, when you traveling. This items must be in hand to provide as part of clearing U.S. Customs at the port of entry.

   - Valid Passport: Your passport must be valid for six months after the date that you expect to arrive in the United States;
   - Valid F-1 Visa: Your visa stamp will be found in your passport;
   - Your signed UWA Form I-20;
   - It is encouraged that you also carry your SEVIS I-901 Fee Receipt, in addition to the documents listed above. To print a copy of
     your SEVIS I-901 Fee Receipt, please visit the following website

It may help to have the name and contact information of the staff members in the Office of International Programs. To find our contact information, please click here
It is encouraged that you carry the following items with you in your carry on luggage, as it is possible that checked luggage can be temporarily misplaced by the airlines:

   - Documentation of your permanent residence in your home country;
   - Copies of Medical and Dental Records (if possible);
   - Supply of any medications;
   - Extra pair of eyeglasses (if applicable);
   - $300 in American Currency, Credit Cards, and your payment for your first semester tuition and fees in the form of travelers’
     checks or cash;
   - Change of Clothing (basic—underwear, shorts, t-shirt, sandals).

To find out more about Livingston's weather, please visit the following website
UWA International Students