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Graduate Students

We are excited that you have begun to plan to begin your graduate study! Here at UWA, we want to make the admissions process as easy as possible for you. For a full list of eligible graduate programs for international students, please visit our website. For questions regarding the UWA Admission Process, please contact Victoria XM Smith via phone at (205) 652-3879 or by email. For questions or concerns about eligibility requirements, or admission criteria for a particular graduate program, please contact Dr. Mark Davis, Director of International Programs.
Please note the following deadlines for application document submission:
   - Fall Semester: July 1st
   - Spring Semester: October 15th
   - Summer Semester: April 1st

During the admission process, please note that we reserve the right of requesting all official documents at any point.

To begin the application process, please click here
UWA International Programs offers two scholarships graduate students may apply for:
   - Language Score Scholarship
   - Exceptional International Graduate Student Scholarship

For more information about those scholarships, and to download the 2021-2022 information packet, please click here
As part of your admission application, you must submit a New Graduate Student Initial I-20 Request. In this request, you will be asked to upload a series of documents. Those documents are as follows:

    - Transcripts: Students need to submit official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate work to the Office of Admissions
      from each university you’ve attended. You must be in good standing and eligible to return to the last institution attended. We
      may require that you have your official transcripts evaluated by an outside evaluation service if the official transcript is not in
      English. It will need to be course by course evaluation.

    - English Proficiency Tests: We accept seven different types of international recognized standardized tests for English
      proficiency: TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC*, Cambridge, GETC-CBT (Japan), PTE and ISE. Official test reports need to be mailed to
      UWA. *TOEIC is only available under prearranged agreements.

    - Evaluation Reports: Foreign College transcripts are required to be evaluated directly from an evaluation service affiliated with
      the National Association of Credit Evaluation Services (NACES). For a listing of NACES member organizations and their contact
      information, please visit their website. Please note that Spantran Evaluation gives a special rate to prospective UWA students at
      this link.

   - Copy of Passport: The Passport must be valid with an expiration date of no less than 6 months from the start date of the term.
   - Bank Statement(s): The estimated total expense for the current school year is may be found here. We require recent bank
     statements (issued within 6 months prior to enrollment) to verify the financial support of the applicant.

   - Completed UWA Statement of Financial Support Form: The form may be accessed here. It must be completed by your
     sponsor, indicating his/her willingness to finance your education.

   - Completed UWA Medical History and Immunizations Form: Please review the following website for complete information
     regarding the required immunizations and access to the UWA Medical History and Immunizations Form.

   - Dependent Information: If you will be bringing dependents with you, you will need to complete an Add Dependent request.
     Please note that you must complete one Add Dependent request for each dependent that will accompany you to UWA as an
     F-2. To begin an Add Dependent request, please click here.

To begin a New Graduate Student Initial I-20 Request, please click here. By clicking to begin a New Graduate Student Initial I-20 Request, you will be navigated to a login screen. At the bottom of the login page, you will see a section that discusses how to login. Please see the section for "If you have just been admitted..." and follow the instructions. To login to the Office of International Programs' International Student Portal, you will need to have your UWA credentials. Please refer to the email that you received from the Office of Admissions upon applying to UWA. 

Please note, if you have already started a New Graduate Student Initial I-20 Request DO NOT start a new one. Please go to your User Home Page to continue working on your existing request.

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