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International Student Testimonials

  UWA prepares students to do something that matters and to make a difference in the world around them. As a global campus, our students make an impact daily by interacting with the community, being involved in new and exciting research, as well as learning more about themselves. We invite you to hear more from our international students & alumni below:

Fengna (Yvette) Zheng (Business Administration - UWA Class of 2013):
   An excerpt from Fengna Zheng's Story as a UWA Student - "Now, as I think back on my time at UWA, questions run through my mind. What if I weren’t brave enough to insist on my dream of coming to America and had just stayed in China to finish my bachelor degree? What would I be like now? When I think this, I am proud of myself. I do not regret my decision at all. I remember that before I came to UWA, some people tried to persuade me not to come because they thought it was not the best choice. But had any of them been here before? No! How could they say it was not a good choice for me? I decided that I should try it myself first. And, of course, I did!"

Tomoya Kamie (NIHON University - Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Semesters):
   "I was majoring in Marketing in the College of Business. At UWA, you can focus on what you want to do. My purposes of studying abroad to UWA were to study Marketing, to improve my English, to make friends from overseas and to understand a new culture. I achieved all of these, thanks to everyone who supported me. Also, UWA has some good facilities such as Gym, Cafeteria and University cinema. Sometimes you might face to some difficulties especially at the beginning of studying abroad. But don’t worry, International office would support you. I really appreciate them, especially the UWA International Coordinator."
Coline Bourrigan (IGR-IAE Rennes - Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Semesters):
    "I selected UWA because it was one of the only universities which allowed me to get a dual degree. My favorite part of UWA was getting to experience an American University; I loved it! I loved the IMC program as well. My experience made me discover a whole new way of studying in Marketing and Communications through web design, videography and graphic design. I absolutely loved the Thanksgiving trip around Alabama and the meal with your family is still one of my best memory in the US. I honestly feel like I learned more during this year at UWA than my whole university experience back home. Anyone who has a chance to be a part of this university & their programs should take it; it will change your life!"

Maisie Stein (Student from the University of Western Australia - Fall 2017 Semester):
   "As a student from the University of Western Australia (UWA), I have had a really big positive experience at the University of West Alabama (UWA). One of the biggest positives has been the International House. Having the International House (IH) as a friendly and welcoming place we can come to relax or seek assistance has been good. All of the staff with the International House (IH) have been incredibly friendly, helpful, and accommodating. It makes such a big difference knowing I have this support base to rely on for any issues for questions that come up. On this note, all of the faculty I have interacted with during my time at UWA have had a positive effect on my exchange. All have been very welcoming and helpful and have gone out of his/her way to make this exchange a really positive experience. The impact that has had will not be forgotten. 

Overall, my exchange experience at UWA has been incredible. I have had a wonderful time both on campus as well as while exploring the rest of the state. I cannot thank the faculty enough, especially those directly involved with the study abroad program, for the support, assistance, and friendship they have given me during this time.  I leave with only fond memories of my time here.   

Lakshmi Lakshmanan (Student from the University of Western Australia - Fall 2017 Semester): 
   "I have enjoyed my time here at UWA and am glad to have been exposed to a different kind of teaching method from what I am used to back in Australia.  The classroom teaching style has benefited me greatly.  Being in such close range with my professors enabled me to be extremely attentive in class and interact with professors during and after class which helped me with the learning process and got me feeling really involved in the class.  From Day 1, the professor and staff have gone out of their way to make sure that I am comfortable adjusting to the new environment and have made sure to keep students focused not only on their studies but also on their life goals.  I have been taught by top-notch professors here and I know I have gained a solid foundation for the future.  I will treasure my experience of being a business major exchange student at UWA."

Rodolphe Bitaud (Former Student - Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Program):
   "During my time at UWA, I loved a lot of things. First of all, the IMC program, the welcome was fantastic. I was able to develop my skills while having fun and using my creativity. The students are really given the means to succeed and the teachers are always willing to give their opinions, which are always constructive. Studying at the University of West Alabama, allows a quick integration thanks to the small size of the campus. American students are very curious about life outside the United States and are always very welcoming and willing to share American culture.

I chose the IMC Program because after my International Business Bachelor, I wanted to travel and go abroad to discover new culture and way of thinking. My University was offering the opportunity to go to the University of West Alabama for one year and get a degree from there. The Integrated Marketing Communication program was the perfect fit for me, with the opportunity to improve my knowledge in Communication, Social media, Design and many more fields.  At home my university was not providing any of these classes, it was a good way to gain additional expertise. The American learning method is very different from the French method and it was also a way to try out this type of teaching approach. I want to work in an international company and get an American degree and developing my English seemed to me to be the best solution."

We invite you to explore more about UWA and our students through the following videos listed below. For questions regarding the admissions to UWA, please contact Victoria XM Smith via phone at (205) 652-3879 or by email. For questions regarding being an international student at UWA, please contact the Office of International Programs. 
We look forward to welcoming you to campus!

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